Q-Etch Ortho

Etching Gel - Phospharic Acid 37%
  • Contains phosphoric acid for etching tooth enamel and dentin for surfaces preparation.
  • Can be used for any procedure that requires etching.
  • 400067 - Q-Etch Ortho Blister Pack
    • A 37% Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel with excellent viscosity for precise application.
    • Available in 2 consistencies: Regular viscosity (Q-Etch) and Unfilled Silica Free (Q-Etch UF) viscosity.
    • High quality, non-drying, medium viscosity etching gel.
    • Stays put, does not run.
    • Large, comfortable-to-use syringe.
    • Tip can be angled to facilitate easy and accurate placement of the gel even in distal and lingual composite preparations.
    • Washes off quickly and easily.
    • Has excellent water solubility.
    • Green visible color. To see shade guide visit bjmlabs.com.
    • Disposable tips save time and are more sanitary.
    • Marketed since 2000 with no changes in formula. No complaints of any health-related or chemical performance issues were received.

    Technical Data

    Q-Etch Ortho is a 37% phosphoric acid etching gel for the surface treatment of enamel prior to orthodontic bonding procedures.

    • Q-Etch Ortho is an unfilled formulation with a thickening agent.
    • Visible green color

    Excellent water solubility

    pH: 1.0 – 2.0

    Viscosity Unfilled

    Shelf life: 2 Years

  • 400067 Q-Etch Ortho Blister Pack

    4 Syringes 1.2ml (1.5g) each of Q-Etch Ortho
    8 Dispensing Tips

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