Auto-Cure Activator  EN

BJM Root Canal Sealer Paste A EN ES

BJM Root Canal Sealer Paste B EN ES

Cem-Implant Base  EN IT FR DE ES

Cem-Implant Catalyst EN  IT FR DE ES

High-Q-Bond ARC Base EN IT FR DE ES

High-Q-Bond ARC Catalyst EN IT FR DE ES

High-Q-Bond Band Cement EN

High-Q-Bond Bracket Adhesive EN

High-Q-Bond Bracket Primer EN

High-Q-Bond Light Cure Retainer EN

High-Q-Bond SE ARC Base EN IT FR DE ES

High-Q-Bond SE ARC Catalyst EN IT FR DE ES

Perfect Desensitizer EN IT

Porcelain Etch EN IT FR DE ES

Porcelain Silane EN IT FR DE ES

Prima 1  EN IT FR

Prima 2000   EN IT FR DE ES

Prima Quick Bond   EN IT FR DE ES

Prima Quick Prime  EN 

Q-Ceram Ceramic Primer EN IT FR DE ES 

Q-Core Base EN IT FR DE ES

Q-Core Catalyst EN IT FR DE ES

Q-Crown Base EN IT

Q-Crown Catalyst EN IT

Q-Crown Lacquer EN IT



Q-Etch UF Green Ortho EN

Q-Glass Liquid EN IT

Q-Glass Ortho Liquid EN 

Q-Glass Ortho Powder EN

Q-Glass Powder EN IT


Q-Temp Base EN

Q-Temp Catalyst EN

Quick Seal EN IT FR DE ES

Zirconite Base EN IT FR DE ES

Zirconite Catalyst  EN IT FR DE ES









About BJM Labs

B.J.M. Laboratories Ltd. (B.J.M.) operates in the field of Dental Materials. We produce a broad spectrum of materials all of which are used daily in the dental clinic.

All of B.J.M. materials were developed in house in our state of the art laboratories and are distributed globally under numerous multinational brands.

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