Corporate social responsibility

Environment Sustainability


Our company embarked on a voyage to minimize its products packaging size, weight, and volume; reducing the amount of paper and plastic incorporated into the packaging, all whilst keeping the products integrity and complying with strict regulations.
Smaller and simpler packaging facilitates improved efficiency and working conditions within the packaging department team.
Less packaging material, and decreased storage and shipping volume requirements, have directly contributed to the reduction in our carbon footprint by minimizing energy wastage during production and additionally fuel during shipping. All these factors have resulted in substantially less air and environmental pollution.

Recycling and reducing of one-time use utensils:
In 2021, the company purchased mugs and aluminium drink bottles for its employees and the company continues to significantly reduce the use of disposables.


People Welfare


Our company makes an annual donation to local non-profit organizations such as the Israel Cancer Association and Or Yarok.
In collaboration with Premier Dental, the company donates dental care materials for disadvantaged populations to Hadassah Hospital.

All throughout the year, multiple varied company events are held, including celebrating holidays, departmental team building gatherings, and company trips.
We also delight in gifting employees on birthdays, holidays, and significant occasions such as weddings and births.

In the past year, a recreation area was set up for the benefit of the workers.


Culture Heritage


Our company prides itself on having products made in Israel. The entire production process, from development, through to production, packaging, warehouse storage, and delivery to customers; all takes place in Israel.
Our R&D team is constantly searching for new knowledge and is pioneering the way by incorporating tomorrow’s science into today’s work. Dental procedures are being continually modified and adopted, all of which are oriented toward making the dentist’s life easier and more efficient.
Our research results are being published and shared with the scientific community.

About BJM Labs

B.J.M. Laboratories Ltd. (B.J.M.) operates in the field of Dental Materials. We produce a broad spectrum of materials all of which are used daily in the dental clinic.

All of B.J.M. materials were developed in house in our state of the art laboratories and are distributed globally under numerous multinational brands.

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