High-Q-Bond SE

Self-etch, self-adhesive dual-cure permanent resin cement
  • Permanent cementation of crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays, posts and cores, ceramic crowns, and Maryland bridges
  • Metal alloys adhesive opaquer
  • Porcelain repair
  • Proven Color Stability over time
  • 100050SE - High-Q-Bond SE A2 Automix 5ml
  • 100051SE - High-Q-Bond SE White Automix 5ml
  • 100052SE - High-Q-Bond SE Translucent Automix 5ml
  • 100050SEHM - High-Q-Bond SE A2 Hand Mix (DMA) 5ml
  • 100051SEHM - High-Q-Bond SE White Hand Mix (DMA) 5ml
  • 100052SEHM - High-Q-Bond SE Translucent Hand Mix (DMA) 5ml
  • 100050SEx3 - High-Q-Bond SE A2 Automix Bulk 3x5ml
  • 100051SEx3 - High-Q-Bond SE White Automix Bulk 3x5ml
  • 100052SEx3 - High-Q-Bond SE Translucent Automix Bulk 3x5ml

About BJM Labs

B.J.M. Laboratories Ltd. (B.J.M.) operates in the field of Dental Materials. We produce a broad spectrum of materials all of which are used daily in the dental clinic.

All of B.J.M. materials were developed in house in our state of the art laboratories and are distributed globally under numerous multinational brands.

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