Q-Glass Ortho

Glass-ionomer band cement
  • Bonding orthodontic bands.
  • 100340 - Q-Glass Ortho (Blue)
    • Strong chemical adhesion.
    • Fluoride release.
    • Low sensitivity to moisture.
    • Blue color for good visibility. To see shade guide visit www.bjmlabs.com
    • Marketed since 2004 with no changes in  formula. No complaints of any health-related or chemical performance issues were received.

    Technical Data

    Adhesive bonding to etched enamel: > 10 MPa, in the 10 – 15 MPa interval.

    Adhesive bonding to pretreated metal surface: > 10 MPa.

    24 Hours compressive strength: > 120 MPa

    1 Week compressive strength: >130 MPa

    Mixing time: < 25 sec

    Working time (in ambient light and temperature): > 90 seconds, in the 2.0 - 3.5 min interval

    Setting time (in oral temperature): < 10 minutes, in the: 1.5 - 3.5 min interval

    Radiopacity: >100 Al%

    Shelf life: 2 Years

  • Instructions for Use

    EN IT


    Q-Glass Ortho Liquid EN 

    Q-Glass Ortho Powder EN

  • 100340 Q-Glass Ortho (Band Cement Blue)

    1 Bottle 16g of Q-Glass Ortho Powder

    1 Bottle 10ml of Q-Glass Ortho Liquid

    1 Measuring Spoon

    Mixing Pad

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