light-cure pit & fissure sealant
  • Pediatric sealant applications.
  • For the preventive sealing of pits and fissures.
  • 100120 - Q-Seal Blister Pack
    • A light-cure material - compatible with all curing units available on the market.
    • ISO 4049 classification: Type 2, Class 2.
    • Easy and precise application by using direct syringe technique.
    • Low viscosity, excellent flow properties, optimal wetting of fissures.
    • Depth of cure is > 5 mm.
    • Marketed since 2006 with no changes in formula. No complaints of any health-related or chemical performance issues were received.

    Technical Data

    Compressive strength: 150 MPa

    Flexural strength: 250 MPa

    Barcol hardness: 80

    Solubility: 2 μg/ mm3

    Water sorption: 18 μg/ mm3

    Fluoride release : 3 μgF/cm2 x 3 years

    Bond Strength to etched tooth enamel: 34 - 40 MPa

    Sensitivity to ambient light: 75 sec

    Depth of cure: 4.5mm

    Compatible with halogen light: Yes

    Compatible with plasma ark light lamp: Yes

    Compatible with LED: Yes

    Shelf life: 2 Years

  • 100120 Q-Seal

    2 Syringes 1.2ml (1.4g) each of Q-Seal

    2 Syringes 1.2ml (1.5g) each of Q-Etch

    8 Dispensing Tips

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