Temporary self-cure crown & bridge material
  • Used to fabricate temporary crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays used in indirect restorative procedures.
  • Temporary crown and bridge fabrication can be made either directly or indirectly with impression trays.
  • Proven Color Stability over time.


400230 - Q-Crown System Pack

400231 - Q-Crown 5ml (A1)

400231 - Q-Crown 5ml (A2)

400233 - Q-Crown 5ml (A3)

400233 - Q-Crown Glaze 5ml

    • A restorative material.
    • ISO 4049 classification: Type 1, Class 1.
    • A controlled radical self-curing, paste-paste composite, for fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges.
    • Easy to remove during its elastic phase.
    • Does not heat up during polymerization.
    • Great color stability
    • Easy to finish and polish.
    • High biocompatibility.
    • Suitable for long-term temporary crowns and bridges due to its high mechanical strength and precision fitting.
    • Available in 4 shades: A1, A2, A3. To see shade guide visit bjmlabs.com.
    • Marketed since 2013 with no changes in formula. No complaints of any health-related or chemical performance issues were received.

    Technical Data

    Working Time (in ambient light and temperature): > 90 seconds, in the 1.5 – 2.0 min interval.

    Setting Time (in oral temperature): < 10 minutes, in the 2 .5 – 4.0 min interval.

    Compressive strength: >80 MPa, in the 150 – 200 MPa interval.

    Flexural strength: >50 MPa, in the 100 – 150 MPa interval

    Shelf Life: 2 Years

  • 400230 Q-Crown

    1 Automix Syringe 5ml (8g) of Q-Crown, Shade A1
    1 Automix Syringe 5ml (8g) of Q-Crown, Shade A2
    1 Automix Syringe 5ml (8g) of Q-Crown, Shade A3
    1 Bottle 5ml of Q-Crown Glaze
    25 Automix Syringe Mix Tips
    25 Micro Brush Applicators 

    400231 Q-Crown Shade A1

    1 Automix Syringe 5ml (8g) of Q-Crown

    400232 Q-Crown Shade A2

    1 Automix Syringe 5ml (8g) of Q-Crown

    400233 Q-Crown Shade A3

    1 Automix Syringe 5ml (8g) of Q-Crown

    400234 Q-Crown Glaze

    1 Bottle 5ml of Q-Crown Glaze

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