How did dental education adapt to new covid-19 restrictions, and how can you keep students informed from home? Course in a Box made difference. BJM took notice and got involved.


The structure of society as we knew it, has changed to a large extent after covid-19. Social behavior codes like social distancing, masks, and pods changed the way society thinks about group order. Organizations have to follow the new social regulations and find creative new ways to keep operating. Today, in-person lessons are heavily restricted. Policymakers frequently announce rules that may exacerbate the situation. Despite dental education being an essential field, the fear of the new pandemic still lurked. At first, practical teaching was limited, and dental certification (if not tended to) would have taken a hit as well. But dental institutions around the world took notice and adjusted fast to these new changes. As a result, dental education quickly bounced back.

Thinking Inside the Box

Before covid-19, institutions like IDS – Center for Continuing Education in Dentistry – used to conduct their courses in universities. For Alon Amit, Education and Marketing Coordinator at IDS, covid-19 regulations were a catalyst for executing the teaching model IDS had thought up a few years earlier. The project, called “Course in a box,” found its relevance very quickly when the pandemic began.

Stepping in with BJM

Course in a Box is an at-home kit that gives dentists what they need to learn the hands-on practice. The box includes things like teeth molds printed by a 3D printer. Products, adhesives, and tools are provided. Dentists could now conduct their practice at home. BJM took notice, and immediately got involved by providing sample materials and adhesives students could work on. Instructions like how to apply BJM’s endodontic products were given to the students via zoom for the students to follow. Course in a box allowed dentists to complete their studies despite covid limitations. Students could now continue a high-quality learning atmosphere from home or their offices.

The cooperation between IDS and BJM showed continued success. Today both organizations are working on a new project. To incorporate BJM’s EPOXY-AMINE RESIN ROOT CANAL SEALER for motorized endodontic project lessons. It’s a win situation for all. A true testament to what can be achieved when medical manufacturing companies team up with educational organizations.

Working Together and Making A Difference

This successful collaboration between IDS and BJM Labs has aroused great interest by the global dentist community that is always searching for new inventions and technologies that will simplify and improve performance and education. The collaboration Between BJM and IDS is an example of how different dental organizations quickly adapt and cooperate to advance the industry no matter what.


About BJM Labs

B.J.M. Laboratories Ltd. (B.J.M.) operates in the field of Dental Materials. We produce a broad spectrum of materials all of which are used daily in the dental clinic.

All of B.J.M. materials were developed in house in our state of the art laboratories and are distributed globally under numerous multinational brands.

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