When BJM takes a new formula to market, they consider many factors. Package design, international symbols, and regular updates on new regulations are crucial. Here are the steps they follow to do it right.

So you studied, got your degree, and put in the work. You know all there is to know about developing new dental technology and have a product that works. However, this is only half of the process if a dental supplier wants to bring it to market. According to Kira Lizenboim – COO of BJM, It takes around three years to bring any new dental development to market. This is no easy process, but BJM has learned a lot since they first formed 25 years ago. According to Lizenboim, they know what they have to do “down to the smallest details,” both with packaging, and regulation

Before Hitting the Shelves, "Keep it Simple"

“There are many aspects in packaging besides regulation like design, safety and handling.” According to Lizenboim, all three are crucial things to think about when BJM plans any market publicity of a new product. “It is very important to us once a product hits the shelves, that the packaging design makes it easier for the user to familiarize themselves with it. The product packaging also needs to be environmentally friendly, and easy to use.”

Lizenboim says that BJM prefers to keep its delivery system simple. Making sure that everything from packaging, color, and instructions are easy to understand, for anyone who opens the package. They also look at other companies and try to stay up to date on what packaging trends may be happening in the market. “We can’t just come out of the blue with some new delivery system, like bottle or syringe and just propose it to the market. We always look at our competitors and what needs and standards exist in

Always Staying Updated

According to Lizenboim, regulation is very dynamic, and she has a few tips for companies to follow if they are thinking about bringing something new to the market. “It's very important to be constantly updated about changes and requirements. And it varies depending on which region we are talking about. In China, for instance, it is very important that all the labeling is translated to Chinese, and nothing can enter that market without an officialized translation. It’s also very important to include a local registration number and distribution number.” All of these general requirements are important both locally and internationally.

UX is Key

Another crucial aspect is the user experience. “We always put ourselves in the user's shoes. What can they learn from the packaging? Or if there are any precautions that we need to make very clear and easy to understand for the users.” BJM does this by using specific symbols which are internationally standardized and recognizable to any practitioner. All of these label symbols need to match what is written in the instruction for use and safety manual.

Safety First

The patient’s safety is also something that comes into play. Patients can be allergic to certain materials, so it's very important to make clear to the doctor what allergy precautions they may come across so they can notify the patient. “Every doctor and patient need to be aware and prepared, and these symbols convey that message.”

It’s also important to note that the user needs to clearly understand the indication for use, and the amount of material in the package there is. “what the user is getting for their money.” BJM puts the quality of products at the forefront of its market models. And that also means simplifying the packaging process for their own employees.

Early Stages and Learning Curves

“In the beginning, we wanted to package products with high levels of design with creative presentation, but these processes required a lot of time, in an already long to market timeline.” Design trends do change though. BJM tries to balance any new design trends with simple coloring. So even if the box changes, the dentist will always be able to recognize their products based on color.

There is also a barcode that exists by regulation in every package that has all the information that warehouses, clinics, and patients need to understand everything they need to know about the product. This system was first implemented in the US five years ago, and it is now becoming the standard in both Europe and the Far-East.

Working to Bring Dental to Everyone with Everyone

Because of the knowledge, BJM has of the market, they are being approached by many private labels to assist them in bringing their products to market and provide them a place for production. BJM is an obvious supply chain leader. They know the what, why, where, and who of packaging and regulation. They understood early on, that they must always keep their finger on the pulse and learn from the market in front of them. So yes, it's no 2-week proposition to sell something new in dental. But if you follow the easy steps you read here, then you will gain the experience you need and always bring any material to market in due time. BJM is always there to help along the way.

About BJM Labs

B.J.M. Laboratories Ltd. (B.J.M.) operates in the field of Dental Materials. We produce a broad spectrum of materials all of which are used daily in the dental clinic.

All of B.J.M. materials were developed in house in our state of the art laboratories and are distributed globally under numerous multinational brands.

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